26 Aug

Today’s Thought 26. August 2017

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7


Complete trust…

Can you let go? Really COMPLETELY let go…?

100% trust can only be found in JESUS!

When I saw this amusing picture with the pretty legs and the contrasting ones, it made me smile right away!

“Taken from real life”… probably a couple in love, how beautiful!

As I looked longer and more closely at the picture, the word “trust” came to mind.

We trust other people all too quickly… and are surprised when disappointment follows.

“People are like that,” my father used to tell me…

Just recently, I had an experience that confirmed that.

Real trust can ONLY be found in God.

“How corny” you might say… Well, maybe… but it’s true!

And during our everyday lives, how quickly do we forget the ONE in whom we can completely trust?

We don’t THANK him nearly enough that HE is a “trustworthy” partner on our side. He certainly can enjoy the humor of our placing our “feet” upon his—so that we can look up to HIM…

My suggestion for today:

Let’s THANK our PAPA once again from the depths of our heart… and REJOICE that we can trust HIM completely…

Have a blessed weekend…



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